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Alexander Calder at Tate Modern

My new film for The Art Channel is now online. Grace Adam and I visit the exciting exhibition ‘Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture’ at Tate Modern to learn how he developed the ‘Mobile’ and moving abstract sculpture.

The Institute of Sexology

The Institute of Sexology at the Wellcome Collection reviewed on The Art Channel with Grace Adam.

Exhibiting artworks alongside scientific artefacts, The Institute of Sexology explores how human sexuality became a field of scientific research. It shows how several brave individuals used pioneering research to end the stigma, repression and ignorance surrounding the body and sex. In the exhibition, historic objects and records illustrate the achievements of Sigmund Freud, Marie Stopes and Alfred Kinsey among others, interspersed with artworks that take a more imaginative interpretation. The exhibition runs until September 2015 at London’s Wellcome Collection¬†on Euston Road.